Our vision is find the best young entrepreneurs from across the country. We believe that current education system does not support and value innate entrepreneurial talent. We look beyond stellar academic performance and perfect CVs, to the makers, doers and creators, seeking to support by providing investment, a great network and an important startup ‘toolkit’ to help young founders survive and thrive.


We focus on the entrepreneur.
We are trying to find the best entrepreneurs from up and down the country. It certainly helps if your business concept is mind-blowing, however we recognise that most businesses end up looking very different from their original concept.

We are looking outside of high technology.
Although technology has undoubtedly changed our lives for the good, there are still plenty of great opportunities for young entrepreneurs to grow businesses that are not solely technology focused. We love technology enabled companies, however it is the quality of the product and service that we are looking for.

We want to build a generation long relationship.
Our investment is not flash in the pan, nor is our support. We cannot wait to build large companies with you and have no set time limit for us to exit the relationship and the investment.

We look across the country.
Amazing founders don’t just live in London. We want to support founders from Exeter to Edinburgh.

We care deeply about mentoring.
The provision of a dedicated mentor should be much more than just words, it should be a mutually beneficial relationship between the founder and their skilled, trained mentors.