Am I eligible to apply?
If you are under 24, with a great idea, then yes! You do not need a technical or business background to apply.


Are applications open all year round?
Yes, you can apply at any time however there are 4 set application rounds per year, with funding rounds at the end of the school and calendar year.


How many founding teams do you accept each year?
We are highly selective, with no requirement to take on a set number of founding teams.


How long does the CF relationship continue for?
We want to build generational relationships with founders, therefore there is no set relationship end date. We look to support founders on their road to entrepreneurial maturity. For a small yearly fee, founding teams can access CF’s network and resources.


How much do CF invest?
We look at each founding team on its merits. We invest a maximum of GBP50,000, spread over an initial 12-month relationship window, however we often invest a lot less, as little as GBP10,000. Investment will be structured according business needs and milestones achieved.


What do CF get in return?
Equity, however founders always retain majority ownership.


What initial support do we offer?
CF helps each founding team arrive at an agreed upon business plan. We also support by providing all bank account opening, accounting and administration support, required by young founding teams.


Do I have to move?
No. We are passionate about building great businesses up and down the country. Our network will be strong but virtual, providing the support, structure and guidance necessary to build a successful business.


What type of business do we like?
We like business ideas with a clear route to revenue and profitability. We also want ambitious founders with businesses that have the opportunity to become large, national or multinational companies. We are not sector specific and enjoy the diversity of ideas we are exposed to.


What kind of people join CF?
We are looking for ambitious, innovative and creative founders. We want founders that not only eat, sleep and breath their business but also display willingness to learn and develop as young entrepreneurs. Further, we expect every entrepreneur to actively contribute to the CF network, sharing resources, contacts and advice – entrepreneurship isn’t a zero sum game; relationships are all important!


Where are you mentors from?
We have hand picked some of the best mentors from across the business spectrum. Each mentor has committed to providing high quality, involved support for their founding team. Mentors will be match according to specific business and sector expertise and will be trained by CF to provide high quality mentoring and coaching. Our mentors are young and energetic, facing similar experiences to young founders in the not too distant past.


Who’s backing you?
We are backed by amazing angel investors who share our vision to support great young entrepreneurs.